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AI War 5.0

AI War is a kind of strategy game that plays like an RTS but feels like a 4X
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AI War is a unique strategy game that uses artificial intelligence to create different scenarios and increasing difficulty. This is a game where your actions will affect the reaction of your opponent, and, most importantly, what he learns. It can be played in solo campaigns or in co-op mode for 2-8 players, always having some AIs as opponents. These campaigns can be so demanding and entangling that some of them will require around 7-13 hours of gaming.

However, the campaigns can be saved whenever you want, so that you can resume your campaigns without losing your progress. This game has a whole community behind it. By visiting the game's homepage you will be able to hook up with other players, ask tips and many other things.

A trial version is available so you can give it a shot (or several) and find out about this game's potential. There are introductory campaigns for you to do - here you will learn the basics. Do not worry, it may seem a bit too much at the beginning but you will learn the commands faster than you think - after three short tutorials you will be ready to begin an epic journey towards the grandness!

Pablo Saavedra
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  • Extremely entertaining!
  • Very flexible trial version
  • Easy installation


  • Average graphics
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